Preliminary plans for new ambulance garage


Gaylord’s City Council learned Wednesday that there are preliminary plans to construct a new ambulance garage directly east of the Fire Hall.

Dale Breuer, council member liaison to the ambulance service, announced the plans. Breuer told The Hub he would like to see the project completed this year.

According to Breuer, the proposed ambulance garage is a 48’ x 36’ building to be located just east of the Fire Hall parking lot. It would include a storage garage, an office, a meeting room and a restroom. A cost of the facility is still being investigated, Breuer explained.

Currently, the ambulance service shares storage space with the Gaylord Police Department in the garage located on the northwest corner of City Hall. “It is not a good deal,” Breuer said.

When full, the ambulance/police garage houses two ambulances and two police department squad cars. In the winter months, the City also stores its sidewalk snowblower in the garage.

The current facility lacks an office, a training room, and storage space, all long-standing concerns of the ambulance service. EMT Mark Brandt also said the current ambulance garage does not have a cleanup area for use following emergency runs.

Joint use of the garage has the ambulance service concerned about its sterilized equipment used for medical emergencies. The ambulance service stores all of its supplies in the garage. The Police Department meanwhile uses the facility for confiscated bicycles and stray animals.

Council member Breuer believes a new ambulance facility is overdue. He said conditions are “not good” in the current facility.

Gaylord’s Ambulance Service responded to 170 calls in 2005. There have been more than 60 calls so far this year.

According to Brandt, the Gaylord Ambulance Service has three EMT’s “on call” all the time. The Ambulance Service conducts a meeting once a month.