Study will show if Library is suitable for a City Hall


Is it possible for the library to be converted into a City Hall?

That is what Gaylord’s City Council hopes to learn from a schematic floor plan being developed by Short Elliot Hendrickson Inc. (SEH).

According to City Administrator Lonny Johnson, the City Council approved SEH’s proposal to prepare a schematic floor plan at a cost not to exceed $1,600. SEH is expected to provide its report at the July 5th City Council meeting, Johnson explained.

The plan will determine whether or not it is feasible to convert the library building into a City Hall.

Johnson said the initial plan is to duplicate what the City Hall currently has for adminstrative offices and meeting rooms. What would happen to the ambulance/city storage garage is yet to be determined. Johnson said that issue will be discussed at the Wednesday, June 7th council meeting.

Mayor Doug Quast was in favor of ordering the floor plan from SEH. He said the City needs to know if it is possible to use the library building before taking any further action.

Council member Sue Jacobson voted in opposition of SEH’s proposal. Jacobson said the people she has talked to don’t believe it is a good move for the library and City Hall to swap buildings.

In recent years, a space crunch has had the Library Board setting its sights on a new facility. A report by SEH, conducted earlier this year, named the City Hall as an “ideal” spot for a new library.

According to the report, the City Hall building totals approximately 7,200 square feet. That is approximately twice the size of the current Gaylord Library located at 332 Main Avenue East. The preliminary cost estimate to renovate City Hall for a new library is $700,000.